Why I Am Running with Jim Renacci …

Amy MurrayI have teamed up with Congressman Jim Renacci, who is running for Ohio Governor in 2018, as his Lieutenant Governor candidate! Considering that Jim has spent the vast majority of his career in the business world instead of in politics, I’d be willing to bet that you may not know much about him—so I’d like to share a bit about his background and why I’m excited to join his ticket to serve as our state’s next Governor.

Over the past 30 years, Jim has owned and operated over 60 businesses, created over 1,500 new jobs and employed over 3,000 people across our state. In fact, it was only after the Obama Administration shuttered the local Chevrolet dealership he owned, which employed over 50 hardworking people, as part of the 2009 takeover of General Motors, that Jim was compelled to enter national politics.

Jim Renacci for Ohio First

After receiving nothing but lip service from his then-current member of Congress in Northeast Ohio, to protect the dealership and its jobs, Jim decided to run for the seat himself—and won. Unlike the career politicians that populate most of the government, Jim is a doer, not a talker, and now he’s decided to bring that brand of effective leadership the Governor’s office in Columbus.

Jim Renacci has been building businesses and making the tough decisions small business owners make every day. We are both grateful for the opportunities Ohio has provided us over the years and I know we can use our business sense and outsider perspective to put OUR state back on the right path.



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