Wadsworth, OH—While conservative businessman Jim Renacci had been the only gubernatorial candidate to date who had committed to staving off a crippling budget crisis by ending enrollment in Ohio’s Medicaid expansion program as Governor, today Lt. Governor Mary Taylor reversed course and joined Renacci in calling for an end to the program, which her own Administration had created in Ohio.

Yet while Taylor followed Renacci’s lead in acknowledging that Medicaid expansion is financially unsustainable and has set Ohio on a course towards a devastating budget crisis, Columbus fixtures Jon Husted and Mike DeWine continue to display stunning political cowardice by refusing to break with Governor Kasich and call for an end to the program.  Cost estimates for the program in Ohio range from $4 billion to $14 billion over the next eight years and would force the state to cut vital, basic state services, including opioid addiction treatment programs, just to foot the Medicaid expansion bill.

“The growing thirst among Ohioans for truly fresh leadership in the capital and an end to the Columbus Cartel certainly isn’t hard to understand when you consider the remarkable cowardice and dishonesty that career politicians Jon Husted and Mike DeWine have demonstrated on one of the most critical issues facing our state. While even Lt. Governor Taylor eventually came clean with Ohioans about the looming fiscal crisis we face due to Medicaid expansion and joined me in committing to end her own Administration’s program, Jon Husted and Mike DeWine continue to duck and dodge the issue while refusing to call for an end to expanded Medicaid. 

“While we’ve come to expect both dishonesty and ineptitude from politicians like Jon Husted, both Husted and DeWine are illustrating precisely why Ohioans will not send another Columbus career politician to the Governor’s office in 2018,”  Jim Renacci said today.