Jim's Approach

Jim Renacci is committed to putting Ohio first. The future of our state is on the line. We must, with courage and a strong will, tackle our biggest issues, and it’s going to take leadership in Columbus to get it done. Jim is a successful businessman who knows what it takes to get our state moving in the right direction. Jim believes politicians have put themselves first for too long, and he will strive to put Ohio first in every instance, from bringing jobs back to Ohio to getting our state budget in order, educating our students, and fighting the opioid epidemic.

2nd Amendment

I'm proud to have an A rating from the NRA and to have been consistently endorsed by Ohioans for Concealed Carry and the National Rifle Association. 
As a gun owner, concealed carry permit holder, and life-member of the NRA, I have been and will continue to be an unwavering defender of the Second Amendment.
In Congress, I have led the fight to protect gun owners and defend our constitutional rights. I am currently a co-sponsor of legislation to ensure the validity of any state-issued concealed carry licenses or permit in any other state that allows concealed carry.
As Governor, I will stand up against any efforts to restrict or diminish the constitutional right to bear arms.

Defund Sanctuary Cities

Sanctuary Cities:
While states, cities and counties rightfully implement their own laws and ordinances, they do not have the authority to simply nullify federal laws. As an American born to a family of immigrants I’m alarmed by it, and as your next Governor I will not cower to it.  
As Ohio’s Governor I will utilize all tools at my disposal to combat sanctuary cities—including withholding state funding to localities that intentionally undermine our laws.

End Obamacare

Healthcare can be a complex and deeply personal issue, but one thing that's undeniable at this point is that Obamacare is collapsing from coast to coast while premiums and deductibles continue to skyrocket.  The status quo is not an option, and it's imperative that Obamacare be repealed and replaced with a law that truly works.  That's why I am supporting the effort in Congress to force a vote on the complete repeal of Obamacare. 
In addition, Obamacare's Medicaid expansion in Ohio is financially unsustainable and will force our state to cut basic and vital state services simply to foot the bill for the program's exploding costs. As Governor I will pull Ohio back from the financial abyss by ending new enrollment in this reckless program.

End Pay to Play

As Governor I will clean up Columbus by ending “pay to play” corruption in our state’s capital. Our officials should be in office to serve the public, not themselves or their campaign donors. In office I will implement and enforce a full ban on state officials granting government contracts to their political donors. When elected officials dole out state contracts to those who finance their campaigns it violates the public trust, and as Governor I will ensure it doesn’t happen.

Get Control of Government Spending and Taxes

From 1990 to today, state General Revenue Fund spending has outstripped inflation by more than 80 percent! Instead of tackling the tough problems by balancing our state’s needs with the ability of taxpayers to pay, policymakers grew government and put Ohio’s spending on an unsustainable path. With estimates of a billion-dollar deficit over the next two years, we just can’t keep spending your money as if tax receipts will always exceed excessive spending. We need to pull back from the fiscal cliff and do what needs to be done to bring down state and local spending and taxes. I’ll work closely with state legislators and our local partners to find common solutions no matter how long it takes us to do it.

We need to give taxpayers a break by repealing Medicaid expansion under Obamacare and freeze or cut state GRF spending for four years. All entitlement plans should also come with work requirement and/or skill attainment. Ohio needs to launch government streamlining initiatives so that the government will work efficiently for the people it is supposed to represent. We need to gather state and local partners to restructure Ohio for tomorrow, and review every state department, office, program and initiative to ensure it provides a return on you investment or else. Lastly Ohio needs to work to align government benefits to private sector standards.

Leverage Ohio’s Competitive Advantages

The energy renaissance brought by shale puts Ohio in a unique position. Instead of attacking energy entrepreneurs with the threat of higher taxes, we need to strategically do all we can to make Ohio the place for responsible exploration and production. With cheap energy at our doorstep, we can attract and grow manufacturing and other energy intensive industries that come with good jobs and new opportunities. I’ll work tirelessly to take advantage of this amazing opportunity so all of Ohio benefits.

Let’s end all talk of a severance tax hike and instead curtail renewable energy tax subsidies. Let’s promote proximity to cheap energy, land, and markets for manufacturing hubs in order to leverage the advantages that Ohio possesses.

Reinvigorate Ohio’s Job Market

For nearly thirty years, Ohio has had one of America’s worst performing private sectors, with a dismal ranking of 48th. Even over the last six-and-a-half years, Ohio’s private sector has produced a mediocre job market, with a ranking of 25th. Despite the best efforts of the Voinovich-DeWine Administration, Speaker Jon Husted, and the Kasich-Taylor Administration, the insider-Establishment status quo just hasn’t worked for Main Street Ohio. If we want our best and brightest to stay in Ohio, we need a robust private sector that provides them opportunities, challenges, and a pathway to prosperity. As a successful entrepreneur for over thirty years, I know what needs to be done and, more importantly, have the will to do it.

To prepare our kid to be job ready, Ohio needs to institute K-12 curriculum flexibility and invest in trade, vocational, and coding skills. We also need to ensure Ohio’s graduates can pass drug tests. Ohio needs to curtail government corporate cronyism and fix or eliminate JobsOhio and Third Frontier programs. We must make Ohio more competitive by enacting right-to-work legislation and push business, regulatory, and tax reforms. Let the market determine winners and losers.

Right to Life

I firmly believe that life is our Creator's most precious gift and that we must protect the sanctity of life, from the moment of conception on. 
Since the United States Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade, there have been almost 60 million abortions in the United States. To me that is an appalling travesty and I am proud to have helped lead the pro-life agenda during my time in Washington.  
I am very proud to have a 100% Right to Life voting record in Congress and will serve as a fully committed pro-life Governor.

Serve as the national voice to take back the power and money back from Washington DC

Our Founding Fathers created a tri-partite system of government in which sovereignty was held by the federal government, our states, and we the people. In this system, our states were supposed to serve as laboratories of competition where policymakers in each would design programs tailored to the unique needs of its citizens. Successes in one state would spur reforms in other states. Unfortunately, over the last 80 years, the federal government rode rough shod over the sovereignty of the states and the people, replacing fifty laboratories of competition with a one-size-fits-all system full of failure, fraud, abuse, and bureaucracy. If we want Ohio and America to be strong, we must reassert the power of the states and the people to solve our problems. I’ll become a loud and proud voice leading the movement to restore federalism to our nation.

Ohio needs to use fifty laboratories of competition to solve America’s problem. By fostering competition between the states, everyone will benefit in a “win or reform” system. Lastly, we need to cut federal taxes so that the money stays in the states.

Strengthen Our Communities

Ohio’s vitality is only as strong as the health of all of its communities – not just the one around the Statehouse. We can and should do more to end the opioid epidemic in Ohio, but we also need to address the obesity epidemic that adds billions to our health care costs and impacts the abilities of so many Ohioans to live a healthy and prosperous life. We also cannot forget the children living in dysfunctional homes racked by violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and other “strikes” that make it hard from them to go to school ready to learn. And, with so many public colleges and universities scattered across our communities, we need to make sure these places serve the purposes for which they were started – educating our kids so they can get good jobs upon graduating. I will roll-up my sleeves and invite anyone who wants to help to address these systemic challenges.

Ohio needs to make sure higher education is about our kids, not professors and administrators. We need to use technologies to pipe in “best in class” professors across the public system. Let’s discontinue poorly performing programs and push professors back into the classroom to teach. We need to work with education experts and officials to solve the “4 PM – 8 AM Problem”, so that our kids always come to school ready to learn. Let’s strive for a healthier Ohio by fighting the opioid and obesity epidemic through community initiatives.