Wadsworth, OH—Today, the Renacci for Ohio campaign announced the launch of “Students for Renacci,” a grassroots coalition that will inform their on-campus communities about Jim Renacci’s plan to bring real world solutions and business experience to get our state back on track and make Ohio first again.

“I am honored by the outpouring of support from students statewide,” Jim Renacci said today. “The energy and thirst of Ohio students for fresh, conservative leadership is widespread and why I’m running for Governor of Ohio–to move our state forward and make it a land of opportunity for all Ohioans, unlike my career politician opponents only looking out for their next election.”

Across the state, Students for Renacci has gained the support of young conservatives attending Ohio State University, Ohio University, Kent State University, Miami University, University of Akron, and more. Leading the strong support for Jim Renacci, nineteen young conservative leaders will serve as Campus Commanders at their respective colleges and universities around the state.

“He is not just some establishment politician blinded by special interests and self preservation,” said Cory Ross, Campus Commander for Miami University. “Unlike other politicians…Jim is a man of his word, a man of integrity, and someone that I as an Ohioan can truly relate to. Jim is the kind of person that we need in the governor’s office — someone with strong conservative values who will fight for us, even if the established politicians and interests fight against him.”

Nick Davis, Campus Commander for the Ohio State University, said, “He’s not a career politician…By bringing in an outsider perspective, more creative solutions can be thought of for problems that have been troubling our state…We want to help get Jim Renacci elected so he can work to fix our state’s problems and bring us back to the top.”


Students for Renacci Campus Commanders:

Asher Pack

Cody English

Drew Davidson

Joe Humenick

Joey Stefanko

Josie Hammon

Katie Brown

Kelly Murphy

Kenny Horsley

Kyle Krigbaum

Logan Thompson

Mackenzie Blaser

Maria Busson

Milan Troph

Nick Davis

Oliver Lake

Rachel White

Samantha Beddow

Shawn Puchakatla

Steven Farhat